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Abbarci Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd

Abbarci Petroleum Marketing Company

Abbarei Petroleum Marketing Company is a private Company registered under the companies ordinance 1925 under the name of Abbarci Gas to trade in Petroleum products as well as LPG distribution inside Sudan; you will find below the history and background:-

  • Established in 1993 under the name of Abbarci Gas.
  • It was the first Sudanese company entered the field of LPG distribution. ‘The company started with two filling depots in Shagra and Port Sudan, but now the Company owned more than 20 depots covering wide areas in the Sudan.
  • The total storage capacity for LPG 1000 MT.

ThP total filling t*AtP iq Annn rvi inrIPE 111/,

The company owned more than 1000 LPG. Domestic tanks of different
sizes from 1640 Lit. to 3000 Lit. Distributed to the customer in different locations in the national capital and up-country.

  • The bobtail tankers owned by the company for distribution of gas in bulk is now (15) tankers brand new, the sizes ranged between 6 and 10 Mt. The total number of LPG. Road tankers owned by the Company is 40 tankers all of them of 20 MT capacity.

The total number of LPG. Cylinders distributed to the customers all over the country is as follows:

Size                                     Number

121/2 kg                            L000,000

25 kg                   12,000

50 kg                     3,000

  • The average annual distribution quantity of LPG. now is about 78,000 MT. – In 1998 the Company changed its name to Abbarci Petroleum Marketing Company to suit its new scope of distributing the other petroleum products such as Gas oil and Mogas beside the LPG.
  • In the year 2000, the Company built storage capacities and loading facilities for Gas oil and Mogas at Gaily depot with the capacity of 2000 M3 and 1000 M3
  • Now the company is distributing Gas oil as bulk for the big agents and the annual distribution capacity is not less than 6 million imperial Gallon. – The company is now supplying Al Salam Cement Factory with fuel oil; the estimated quantity is about 72,000 MT. annually.

– The company owned now about 15 road tankers of 17,000 IG. each for transportation of fuel oil and Gas oil as well.